• Store the medicines away from strong perfumes, heat and direct sunlight.
  • Touching or handling of medicines with bare hands should be avoided and cap the of the container can be used to transfer the pills to the mouth.
  • The powder or pill dose is to be kept on tongue and allowed to dissolve. The mouth should be clean and free from any food smell or other odours, hence eating or drinking anything should be avoided fifteen minutes before or after taking the medicine dose.
  • During course of treatment one should avoid coming in contact wiyh any strong smelling substances like perfumes and colognes that may sometimes antidote the effect of medicine.
  • Avoid all homeopathic medicines and formulas. Homeopathic/ Ayurvedic/ Medicated Soaps,Toothpastes, Shampoos.


  • Avoid balms like tiger balm, vicks, eucalyptus, nilgiri, sensor, moove, snuff,etc.
  • Massage and massage oils like Mahanarayani tel, Ayurvedic oils, homeopathic oils, medicated soaps like dettol/ savlon ,medicated handwashes like dettol/savlon.
  • In case of eruption, skin rash, wounds etc – NO SKIN OINTMENT is to be used,like Dettol/Savlon, Soframycin, Tinaderm, Flucort, Betonvate, Arnica, Calendula, Prickly heat powders, strongly perfumed talcs.
  • In case of open wounds, just wash with clean warm water and if necessary dress it with sterile gauze piece available with the chemist but antiseptic creams, band – aid should be strictly avoided.
  • Application of Mehendi and Henna, Dyes should be avoided.
  • Avoid any eye/ ear/ nasal, drops and dental ointments.
  • No medicated oils and soaps should be used.
  • Avoid all cough syrups and cough suppressants.
  • Avoid anaesthesia inducing agents in all forms such as, Menthol, Mint tablets like Vicks, Chloromint, Halls, Polio, Paan Masala, Pan Parag etc.

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